My Current Obsession– UKULELE!!

I have a sudden obsession on ukuleles since last night, and I went mad about it today!! I was determined to get my own Ukelele as soon as I can, and yes!! I’ve got my very own ukelele NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking at some wedding stuff last night, till I saw this video with a incredible happy and cheerful background music, and yes, that’s the sound of a ukulele!! I fell in love with it immediately and I plan to play my very own background music on my very own Ukelele for my ‘Save The Date’ video. I started to get obsessed with it after a youtube video: (Jason Mraz) I’m Yours — Sungha Jung and……  oh my god!!! I want my own ukulele!!!!!!

oohkeleleleleThe word “ukulele” is Hawaiian for “jumping flea”. The story goes that a Portuguese immigrant jumped off a ship into the water while playing one, and the Hawaiians watching dubbed him – and the instrument – the ukulele!

What I love about it is the sound of the ukulele, it sounds SO HAPPY!!!! And Look at the Hawaiian in the picture!! Can you see how happy he is when playing on the ukulele??

Yes, ukulele=happy!!!!

After some browsing, I came across with these cuties, and I fell in love with them the moment I saw them!! I ADORE the pink one so much and I’ve decided to get this! I’ve already dropped an enquiry on the stock availability of this model with UKULELE MOVEMENT, and they are only open today at 12pm, believe it or not, I gave them a call at 12:02pm and checked on the model. Good news for me!! They have the pink one!! Can’t describe how excited I was and I drove to ukulele movement straight away!!


I have to say I really adore how they look after seen them with my eyes, however they have lost their color after a few strumming, they sound very soft and fake because of the plastic material, and those aren’t cheap!! they cost around S$70+!! Well, this is the cheapest in their shop. Ukelele movement carries hundreds of ukuleles, and the staff was super helpful, he introduced me a lot of other options but the price is getting higher and higher, from S$90-S$200+, which is really out of my budget because I just want to have fun with it, and not going expert with them. After considering, I didn’t buy anything from there, confused by all the choices, and didn’t know which one to get at all!!

I’ve decided to pay a visit to Davis Guitar in the afternoon, and the female staff was super friendly and helpful, she is very pretty too!!! I realized that the price range in Davis Guitar is much cheaper than ukelele movement, and I have plenty choices for under S$100. After several comparisons, I’ve decided to go with the Mantic Soprano with a cute dolphin!!! The best thing about it is that I LOVE it’s bright sound, and it only costed me S$50!!!!! Which is even cheaper than the plastic Makala Dolphins!!

And here is my BABY!!!



My bestie Felicia was accompanying me to buy my ukulele this afternoon, she had no intention of getting an ukulele at all, however she fall in love with them on the spot, and decided to get her own ukulele too! So we have decided to get the same series, mine with a dolphin and hers with a sunflower design. We were SO excited about them and started singing and strumming the moment we stepped onto my car! LOL!!!

I named my ukulele Dolphie, and she named hers Sungie, how lovely!!


20130224_180732The WAR is now ON!!!!

What turns besties into enemies??? The answer is the lovely ukuleles!!!!!

We have started a competition as both of us know nothing about ukeleles, not a single bit!!! We have picked the song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, and we are going to practice like mad in order to win this competition!!

Should we come up with punishments?

Any Suggestions?? LOLz!!!!!!!!


REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick pearl 430


I was never a fan of lipsticks and lip gloss, and not even lip balms, and I’ve never considered Lipsticks in my essentials till recently. My skin is more to the yellowish side, got sick of looking tired and lack of sleep all the time, I hope that lipsticks would help me with a fresher look.

I was at the DFS at Changi airport, and didn’t know which brand of lipsticks to go for. I was attracted by the price when walking pass the REVLON lipsticks, I know that the Dior ones are quite famous, but the price is almost 5 times as the REVLON ones. I have to admit that the price overpowered everything else after some hesitations.

And this is what I’ve got, for around S$7.50, I know!!! this is just too tempting!!!!



!B7(2oqQCWk~$(KGrHqF,!jcEzKkLyvEEBM0!ovi5Uw~~_35The packaging looks quite decent to me, it has a classic and elegant look, and I choose pearl 430 in Softsilver Rose


It feels silky smooth when applying, and I really like the look it gives, a soft and silky look with a porcelain-like effect on my lips. The best thing that I like about this lipstick is that it feels SO comfortable after applying, and it feels like bare lips, without any greasy and unnatural feel.

This is a very good value for money product, and yes, I would definitely try some other REVLON lipsticks.


It’s SO CHEAP after all!!!

The Amazing Australian Lanolin

After a short stay of 3 months in Australia, I have become a huge fan of the Australian Lanolin, I used it a few times during my stay, and it had never failed me. Australia’s autumn and winter would be too dry for someone like me, who has been residing in a tropical country for over 10 years, I saw these Lanolin Oil at Big W, and was drawn by the unbelievably cheap price!!! Decided to give it a try since I was in Australia, and of course I have to use the local products!!! and the FAMOUS Australian Lanolin Oil is my first choice!!!

I fell in love with it after the first use, I applied Lanolin Oil as a body lotion at night after bath, and when I wake up in the next morning I have realized that my dry patches were GONE!!! The result was so stunning that my super dry legs were now soft and smooth, and my skin was never dry given the fact that I just used it for a few times!!! HOW AMAZING!!!

I bought like 10 of it before leaving Australia, and used it as presents for my friends, can you imagine how heavy that was??!!!! My eyes were popped open when I see them lying on the shelf of the NTUC supermarkets here in Singapore, and the price is still SO CHEAP (ard S$4.50) !!!!!!!! There are some other oils such as emu oil, and something else(can’t remember), and I got this:


First, Lets get to know about What is Lanolin?

Lanolin is the oily secretion from the skin of the sheep that becomes trapped in the sheep’s wool. When the sheep is shorn each year, the wool is washed, processed and the lanolin oil extracted and refined. Lanolin is the Sheep’s natural nourisher and protector against the extremes of its environment. The oils of lanolin are very similar to those natural oils we secrete from within our own skin (after all, we are both animals). Thus, lanolin is the only human-compatible oil obtainable without having to kill an animal. Most moisturizing creams and lotions use as their base oils that are either of vegetable or mineral origin. These oils do not have the compatibility with our skin that lanolin has.


Wool grease is the natural oil that helps make wool water repellent, protecting sheep from the harsh effects of weather. Secreted by the sheep’s skin, it continuously collects on the wool so that by the time the fleece is harvested it makes up between 15 and 25 per cent of the total weight of freshly cut wool. The ancient Greeks were among the first to seize the potential of this natural emollient as a preservative, protectant and lubricant, as an ointment and on everything from clothing, and shelters to spears. And while this rather crude use of wool grease continued from 700 BC onwards, it was the late 19th century before a process was developed to refine what we know as lanolin. These days it is recovered during the three-stage wool cleaning or scouring process. It is separated from the fleece by a solvent extraction in a process not unlike dry cleaning clothes. After removing the solvent, dirt, debris and whatever sheep may roll around in, what is left is a sticky substance a bit like petroleum jelly. Pharmaceutical-grade lanolin, the grade we use, is essentially free of any solvent residues.

The use of lanolin in cosmetics and skin care has a history longer than almost any other ingredient. A century of scientific investigation has evolved qualities, traditionally unparalleled in their stringency and surety. The performance of this quite remarkable substance and its many derivatives has been endlessly demonstrated down through the ages. Nature is abundant with materials that are beneficial to humans and their well-being. Lanolin is such a material. Predating science, it was never “invented” and has never been bettered for versatility. It is the ultimate emollient.

Why it works

The stratum corneum is the outer layer of the epidermis and is a lipid-rich system, being bathed in an oily coating of sebum, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin. The sebum plays a vital role in moderating the moisture balance of the stratum corneum and thereby its condition. The moisture within these cells is considered to be in an emulsified form, maintained through the action of naturally surface active lipids of the sebum. The presence of cellular moisture within this layer is responsible for the plumpness, smoothness, elasticity and translucency of healthy, young skin. Aging, sunlight and the vagaries of life in general result in a reduction in the ability of the stratum corneum to retain its ideal moisture content, so the skin gets drier, rougher and loses its youthful elasticity. Certainly this is a natural and inevitable process, but incorporating lanolin in skin care systems can be highly effective.


It has a light pleasant scent, and look at the texture:


When I think of Oil, I would think of words like OILY, HEAVY, THICK, but oh NO NO NO!! the words for Lanolin is: LIGHT, SOFT, MOISTURE. It is not oily AT ALL!!! 100% NOT oily AT ALL!!! it is absorbed so quickly and there is not a trace of greasiness after use. It has become my daily routine now, and I use it on my body and hands before sleep, and waking up with soft and moist skin every morning!!!!


My Korean Fever

I used to fall for big and eye-catching accessories, the problem with them is that I barely have chance to wear them, and the funny thing is that I’m either too shy or too lazy to wear them, especially for necklace.

I used to wear this diamond necklace everyday without taking it off for a few years, it was the present for my 19th birthday from my boy, and it was the first diamond that I’ve ever own. I never ever took it off from me as it was SO precious to me, except for several quarrels(blush!)….  BUT the sad thing is that.. I have lost it without noticing, it must be the broken chain i guess. I can’t describe how sad and disappointed I was, not to mention about the boy, as it costed him every dollar he had back then, the money he used to buy me the necklace was saved by dollars through  months…. TEARS

Anyway, after a few years of grief, and due to my current obsession with Korean fashion (it started with my obsession with KOREAN GOOD!!!!), I’ve decided to get myself a new necklace.

49 days was the first Korean drama that I’ve watched since 15, I wasn’t a fan of either Korean drama or Korean fashion at all, but as of now, I’m a HUGE fan of them!!! (due to my obsession with KOREAN FOOD again!!!)



TADANG…. and this is what I’ve found!! It cost me about 60RMB (S$12), and I have to say that the quality is exceptional for this price range. There were a lot to choose from, and I choose this because I like how the circles connect together as one.


It reminds me of me and my boy, especially that we are thousands of miles apart now, it gives me the faith to love and the courage to wait for the day that we bond as one.


Also, I bought these BEAUTIFUL  hair bands, I was never into this style and I’ve decided to give it a try, I guess I’ll look younger with these.. LOL….





As a fan of big earrings, I’ve decided to give Korean ear studs a try, and hoping to wear them while eating kimchi… hmmmm….. just the thought of kimchi makes my stomach roar!!!



So, I guess eating Korean food isn’t the full picture, what makes it interesting is eating Korean food and dressing in Korean Fashion…. winks!!

Hi World!

Believe it or not, I’ve always been a fan of NATURAL LOOKS, with no make up on my face, dry my hair naturally without brushing(sometimes even without conditioning), simple and boring outfits blablabla……. Of course, like most of the girls, I had my high maintenance days back in school, but I get more and more lazy as the days go by.

Realising that I’m not YOUNG anymore,  I have decided that it’s time to get back on the right track, which is …. start to look polished again!!